Wilson Peterson Biography

As a registered architect in California and several other Western states, Wilson Peterson holds a Bachelor of
Architecture degree from the University of Oklahoma with advanced graduate studies in urban planning. After several
years experience as a designer-draftsman for Hood-Rich Architects and Engineers of Springfield, Missouri,
designing Holiday Inns, restaurants, bank buildings and shopping centers, Wilson moved to Oklahoma. There, while
serving as Project Manager for Reid Architectural Firm, he gained experience in both the design and construction
supervision of hospital and educational facilities.

In 1972, Wilson accepted a position as Project Architect for Bechtel Corporation in Los Angeles. Here, he was
responsible for design, clientele interface and management of large industrial and commercial projects. Wilson
served with Bechtel Corporation from 1972 to 1976 and again from 1977 until 1979 when he moved to Sacramento
and opened his own firm, Wilson Peterson Associates. During the interim, he held the position of Project Architect for
Carissimi-Rohrer Associates where he was responsible for the development of the Oak Park Urban Renewal master
plan and additions to American River College.

Recently, Wilson has become very involved in providing design services to religious organizations. These services
include master planning and facility design for various church related projects including sanctuaries, multi-purpose
buildings, classroom buildings and outreach facilities for elderly-care programs.

Carolyn Peterson Biography

With a degree in Interior Design plus 30 years of design experience, Carolyn Peterson is familiar with all phases of
commercial interior design. Prior to joining her husband in 1982, Carolyn owned her own interior design firm, Habitat
Designs and later managed a design center for the M.J. Brock Company.

In recent years, Carolyn Peterson has become increasingly involved in model home interiors for several large local
and national home builders. Because of her background in residential design, this additional design capability for
clients’ has been a natural extension of the interior design services offered at Wilson Peterson Associates.

Carolyn Peterson was brought up in a construction-oriented household. “This type of background is extremely
valuable,” she said. “When working on a design, without consciously thinking about it, one automatically considers
building conditions and restrictions.”